The Growth of River Cruise in 2015

2015 has seen the launch of many new ocean cruise ships, including the colossuses of Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas and P&O Cruises’ Britannia. There has also been the launch of a new cruise line: Viking Ocean Cruises; and brands such as Virgin have also stated an intention to enter the cruise industry in the coming years.

Whilst the world of ocean cruise has seen many new entrants, river cruise lines have also enjoyed a significant increase in overall capacity. By the end of the 2015, a total of 19 new river cruise vessels will have joined the industry, which speaks volumes about the cruise industry as a whole.

Many new to cruise passengers, put off by factors such as potential seasickness and spending long periods of time at sea, are being attracted to the rivers of the world. River cruises offer a unique style of intimacy on board, with fine food, attentive service and balcony staterooms. Only river cruises can take you to the heart of each country, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the local culture.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the newcomers, of which have either already joined the world of river cruise or are set to launch later this year. 


  • AmaDara (August 2015 – Mekong)
  • AmaSerena (2015 – Europe)
  • AmaVista (2015 – Europe)


American Cruise Lines

  • American Eagle (March 2015 – Mississippi)


Amadeus River Cruises

  • Amadeus Silver II (Spring 2015 – Europe)


Avalon Waterways

  • Avalon Tranquillity II (2015 – Europe)
  • Avalon Tapestry II (2015 – Europe)
  • Avalon Myanmar (January 2015 – Myanmar)



  • Loire Princesse (April 2015 – Loire River)
  • Gil Eanes (April 2015 – Douro)
  • Rhone Princess (2015 Europe)


Emerald Waterways

  • Emerald Sun (Early 2015 – Europe)
  • Emerald Dawn (Early 2015 – Europe)


Scenic Tours

  • Scenic Opal (Spring 2015 – Europe)
  • Scenic Jasper (Spring 2015 – Europe)


Uniworld Boutique River Cruises 

  • SS Maria Theresa (March 2015 - Europe)


Riviera Travel River Cruises

  • Jane Austen (2015 – Europe)
  • Charles Dickens (2015 – Europe)



  • Esprit (2015 – Europe)


Whilst 2015 has seen the launch of many new ships, it is also worth noting the quality of the vessels already in service. 33% of all river cruise vessels were built within the last ten years and a further 25% were built within the last five years.  

The growth of the river cruise industry is also supported by statistics, released by CLIA in March this year. The number of UK passengers taking a holiday on the rivers of the world rose by 6% in 2014 – a rise of 8,000, bringing the total number to 139,400. 

Europe is by far the most popular destination for river cruising, accounting for 86% of all passengers, with the Danube and the Rhine both seeing significant growth. Other rivers, such as the Brahmaputra, Ganges and those flowing through Russia, also saw a vast rise in popularity. The Mekong, which runs through Burma, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, saw a rise of 55%.

Both ocean and river cruising are surging in popularity, with more ships being built all the time in order to supply demand. If you’ve fallen in love with the world of cruising and want to encourage friends and family to cruise for the very first time; becoming a Cruise Specialist with Cruise Franchise could be a very rewarding career move.

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