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Chris Roberts: Ten Years of Bookings

Being a franchisee is about providing a level of care towards customers and assisting them with finding their perfect cruise holiday. This is where GoCruise Specialists excel above other providers in that they provide expert knowledge, great deals and - most importantly - a duty of care towards all passengers.

Chris Roberts, who has been part of the GoCruise Franchise for over ten years, marks the ten year anniversary of his first booking by describing his experience:

"It all starts over 10 years ago in October 2004, when having decided to buy a franchise with Victoria Travel and I attended my training with Clive Howard in Birmingham, in fact I was the only trainee there!

On the final Thursday evening I was invited out for a meal with Andrew Gardener, albeit in the local pub and went home next day feeling pleased with myself.

Come the Monday morning and a letter from Victoria Travel, on the ball me thinks, but no, I opened the letter to read that I was no longer part of Victoria Travel and had been sold to Fred. Olsen – I thought slave trading in shipping had finished a long time ago! – considering the large amount of money that AG now had in his back pocket, so to speak.

In late November I went out to Fort Lauderdale to attend the CLIA Conference and afterwards drove to Orlando to our villa to await Yvonne and the girls as we had booked a Celebrity cruise for Christmas.

I was still awaiting business cards etc, so I made some on the Computer and stuck them in my wallet. Cruise progressed and in St. Maarten went ashore to find an internet café. Whilst checking my emails this lady with a loud voice came in to phone home, she was off the QM2 and by all accounts not a “happy bunny” as everyone could hear.

As she passed I spoke with her and we chatted for some time about the ships she and I were on and she asked what I did and of course out came the wallet and I gave her my card.

Back home from a great Celebrity cruise and sitting at the deck answering Teletext calls which was driving me up the wall, then the phone rings and it’s this lady I met in St Maarten wanting to book a Celebrity cruise, I must have said something right.

So on the 15th January 2005 I made my first booking and the irony of this tale is ten years later on 13th January 2015 I make this Silverseas booking and it's to the same woman that booked 10 years to the day.

I have booked several cruises for her the over the years and then they bought a holiday home in the Lake District and stopped cruising. Every year they get a Christmas Card from me and she said this got them thinking it was time to cruise and that is where this rather nice booking with Silverseas came from."

Do you share a similar passion for cruise? Why not enquire about joining the highly rewarding GoCruise Franchise? It may be your best decision of 2015.

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