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Could Cruise Ships be heading to Hull?

Plans for a new cruise terminal and riverside berth to be built in Hull have been approved by senior councils as part of a large-scale project to transform the city. It is hoped that the new terminal will open in time to coincide with the UK City of Culture celebrations and events, which will take place in 2017.

So with so much going on in the city and many visitors expected to visit throughout the year, it seems logical to introduce a new method of transport into the city. Yorkshire does not currently have a large-scale cruise terminal; with the nearest alternatives being Newcastle and Liverpool – both of which are at least a two and half hour drive away from Hull.


As is the case with many large scale developments, there is debate as to where it should be located and the impact it could potentially have on the local community. The preferred location of the new riverside berth is Sammy’s Point – adjacent to The Deep, a popular public aquarium containing thousands of sea creatures. Building the terminal here will allow passengers easy access into the city centre and prove highly beneficial to the local economy.