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Harmony of the Seas in Numbers

With a gross registered tonnage of 225,282, a length of 1,187ft and a maximum capacity for 6,296 passengers, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class has led the way in terms of the largest cruise ships in the world. Each ship has so much space on board and there is plenty of room for a range of unique features including the Central Park, FlowRider surf simulators, ice skating rink and much more.

The third Oasis-class vessel of the fleet, which is set to reach British shores later this week, will exceed her sister ships by 2,000 gross tonnes. Interestingly, Harmony of the Seas is so big that if you were to stand it upright, it would surpass the height of the Eiffel Tower by nearly 40 metres. Upon launch, this huge vessel will become the largest cruise ship in the world - leaving plenty more room for new and exciting amenities.

So what makes Harmony of the Seas different to other Oasis-class vessels? The most striking addition comes in the form of three multi-coloured chutes located above the pool deck. These chutes form the water slides that will make up the Perfect Storm – a first for Royal Caribbean.

The slides, known as Cyclone, Typhoon, and Supercell, will see guests twist and turn as they descend down three decks of the ship. Each slide features transparent sections, enabling passengers to glance down to the Central Park below.

Speaking of slides, Harmony of the Seas will feature another almighty one at the back of the ship, which will see passengers make a 100-foot plunge down 10 storeys. Starting at the pool and Sports Zone, the slide, known as the Ultimate Abyss, will take passengers down to the boardwalk. Unlike the Perfect Storm, the Ultimate Abyss will not be a waterslide, but will instead see brave passengers plunge through a range of exciting light and sound effects.

Popular features from the successful Quantum class ships can also be found on board including the Bionic Bar, which sees a pair of robotic arms swing into a frenzy to make your chosen drink. Harmony of the Seas will become the first Oasis-class vessel to see this addition, which is powered by Makr Shakr.

As well as these new amenities, some features that have proven popular across the Royal Caribbean fleet will receive a welcome revamp on board Harmony of the Seas. The Wonderland Restaurant, which sees diners enjoy a range of fun and wacky experiences, is the clearest example of this. The “maddeningly delicious” cuisine will be served in an intriguing venue complete with distinctive décor and spanning two decks.

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