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How to Sell to Cruise Sceptics

In theory, it should be easy to sell a cruise to each and every individual customer. After all, what other holiday experience can take you to a variety of exciting destinations on board a comfortable floating hotel? It does get much more difficult, however, when trying to sell to those who think you’re trying to twist the truth.

This week, Cruise Franchise provides a range of methods and techniques you can use to sell to new-to-cruise customers and those who have never considered embarking on a cruise.


Open the conversation with the word “holiday” as opposed to “cruise”. Steer clear of anything to do with cruising or spending time on board a ship and sell the shore-based/destination experience.

Where? And for how long?

Get to know your customer. Find out whether they’ll be sailing as a family or fancy something a little bit more intimate. You’ll be able to get a rough idea of the cruise ship in your head, but steer clear of any mention for now. Instead, find out where they want to go and try to raise the idea of going to multiple destinations in the same area in a short period of time. As you can imagine, the Caribbean works perfectly here.

Mention Activities and Amenities

Enthuse your customer by explaining the activities and amenities that come included in the price. For example rock climbing, ropes courses, surfing, water slides, children’s clubs, etc. for families; and dining options, health spas and theatres for couples. 


Work out how much the price is, without being specific about the type of holiday. Some cruise lines will have specific deals on, so make sure to utilise these to the full.

Sealing the Deal

If all of the previous steps have gone successfully, your customer will be very eager to find out more. This is the point where you explain that it will be on a ship, naming the firm and the specific ship – but still steering clear of the word “cruise”.

If your customer is yet to be convinced, try to do a price comparison between the cruise and a land-based holiday. The customer may argue that a land-based alternative is cheaper, but after you’ve fully explained the all-inclusive nature on board a cruise – you will have won them over.

Additionally, if you’ve got it right and the customers love their time on board – they’ll, more than likely, book with you time and time again.

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