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Importance of blogging and how to do it successfully

Immersing yourself into the digital era is easier than ever before and the web presents a whole new range of possibilities that were never possible before. Aspects of life such as going shopping and communicating with friends can now be done from the comfort of your home and this is also apparent within the travel industry. People want to be able to research locations before dedicating to the full cost of a holiday package without having to necessarily go to a travel agent.

Blogging can significantly help and boasts a wide range of benefits to you and your customers; providing your customers with a cut away from the corporate side of your business to a more human-based approach. It’s very easy to do and you will reap the benefits of customer-based interaction straight away. As bloggers ourselves; we explain the benefits of having a business-related blog and how to write successful, appealing content.

Why Blog?

Enhanced SEO

You may be making a lot of business but think of how much more business you could be making if you ranked higher on search engines. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which, if applied correctly, basically means that if you write an article on a popular topic it has a higher likelihood of appearing to a user via a search engine. Blogging regularly will give search engines more content to index and therefore the likelihood of a user finding your website is considerably boosted.

Better Communication with Customers

The first thing a customer is going to see when they arrive at your website is most likely going to be the homepage. What makes your website any different to someone else’s? Applying the unique element of a personal blog will allow you to engage with customers on a personal level; human to human as opposed to purely business to human. If you write content about your past experiences with tips and must-see excursions; you’re giving the customer something they won’t find anywhere else.

Increased Traffic

Most importantly, more content on your website means you’ve cast a bigger net into the World Wide Web with which to attract visitors. The use of certain words in a blog post may attract a google searcher and if they like what they see then they’ll be likely to come back to read future articles. Blogging is free in comparison to expensive advertising and is sure to increase traffic; particularly if it is also shared via social media.

Promote your Business

Writing an article is one thing but promoting it will take that article to a whole new level – attracting a whole new audience. If you operate social media pages for your business via the likes of Facebook and Twitter; you can use these sites to promote your content to a world of readers seeking the latest news. Customers may decide to share your articles with their individual followers and friends who may also choose to read and share – thus increasing your traffic exponentially.

It’s Cheap, Easy and Fun

As stated previously, operating a blog is a free alternative to expensive advertising and done effectively it will increase traffic to your website. Articles can be about a previous experience, new theme, location, operator or even relate to a story in the news. The possibilities are endless and blogging is a practice that you can come to enjoy over time and will also allow you to enhance your own knowledge of the travel industry.

How to Write a Successful Blog

Write Attractive Content

Simply write what you think people want to hear in your own words and with your own style. With blogging, it pays to be concise and precise and any attempt to improvise is welcomed. Try to stick to 30 words per sentence and deliver each point with a maximum of six or seven lines per paragraph – ensuring each is well spaced and easy to read. Being accurate with your information will also help and if you decide to apply statistics and facts – make sure they are well explained and current. Turning statistics into an article is one way of attracting readers, but you can also try adding your own personal photographs to an article to enhance customer knowledge of a location.

My personal tip is to try and take something (a news article, thought or idea) and turn it upside down and approach it from a different angle. This creates an article which is different to the trend but may be controversial and exciting. As long as you can back up your points, you are guaranteed to attract readers. For example – try writing an article about the unusual travel destinations in the world – as opposed to the most popular.

Apply Key Words

Writing an article for your website is great, but is has no purpose if it has not been indexed correctly as no one will be able to find it. The application of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to each article and website is essential for ensuring customers find your content via a search engine. This can be done by fine-tuning each article to ensure it includes popular search words throughout the article, title, descriptions, headers and images. Each article will be different, but by applying a range of keywords, you can rest assured that each search engine will have indexed it adequately.   

Be Yourself

Don’t write the same content as everyone else. Apply your own style and maintain it throughout your blog posts to create a unique human to human aspect for your website. Publish your thoughts and opinions – supporting them with statistics, graphs and images if you like - but try to avoid publishing anything too negative, as this may give readers the wrong impression.

Make it Appealing

Avoid just spilling out your thoughts onto a page in a jumbled order with no fluency. Try to space out each paragraph and ensure they explain a different point or aspect to the story you are trying to tell. This will make the article easier for your audience to read, whilst applying an image will bring the story to life and a data graph will give your article another dimension. Additionally, try not to make your articles too long as there is a chance your reader may get bored. Short, bite-sized articles with all of your content concisely organised will be much easier to read for your audience and will also increase the likelihood of a reader sharing it via social media.

Write Regularly

Unfortunately, blogging is something that will take a little time to perfect and traffic won’t grow exponentially overnight. Don’t lose faith – keep writing articles on a regular basis that suits you and the readers will start to trickle through slowly but surely. Maintaining a regular blog is important as it gives readers something to look out for and will provide something fresh to be shared via social media. Try blogging at least once or twice a week; once a fortnight; or a couple of times per month. 

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