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Number Crunching Anthem of the Seas

Wow! Is an expression which is perhaps overused; but not so with Royal Caribbean’s newest and most innovative ship, Anthem of the Seas. As the second ship to join the fleet’s Quantum Class, alongside Quantum of the Seas and, as of 2016, Ovation of the Seas; Anthem of the Seas boasts many popular elements.

Rather than using words to provide an overview of the ship, we at GoCruise Franchise have found a range of statistics that tell a story of their own when it comes to this quirky, resplendent and Brobdingnagian ship.


The overall weight of Anthem of the Seas in terms of gross tonnage.


The number of outside staterooms on board. Each of which boast a superb balcony with sun lounger.


Length of the ship in terms of feet (equal to 348 metres).


Fancy a jog to burn off all the fantastic food you've eaten whilst on board? The 553 metre running track is your friend. Three laps around the track and you will have ran a mile.


Inside staterooms - resulting in a total of 2,090 staterooms on board. All of which can be accessed via the innovative Wow Bands - which act as an on board room key and credit card. 


Wish you had a room with a view? You'll be glad to know that 375 of Anthem of the Seas' inside staterooms contain virtual balconies. Cameras placed outside of the ship transmit crystal clear footage onto a 4K screen, replicating a real balcony. 


Two70° is home to one of Anthem of the Seas' most impressive venues. During the day, this lounge will provide a relaxing spot to make the most of 270° vistas from the back of the ship. Return during the evening, and you'll witness six robotic screens spring into action to provide the perfect backdrop for a number of jaw-dropping entertainment performances.


The height distance in feet you could reach if you decide to try out RipCord℠ by iFLY®. This popular skydiving experience also featured on board Quantum of the Seas, and will provide guests with the unique experience of being able to skydive whilst on board a cruise ship.


Restaurants on board, which are split into three categories: casual, signature and main dining options. The varying options will allow guests to sample cuisine from around the world. Jamie Oliver's 'Jamies Italian' restaurant is one of the many options available.


The number of passenger decks on board. Luckily, there are plenty of lifts!


The number of bumper cars that can fit into SeaPlex. This venue will change regularly throughout the day to provide a range of different experiences including: basketball; circus skills; and even a disco arena. 


Imagine passing the Statue of Liberty on board Anthem of the Seas and having one of the best views imaginable. 15 minutes is the amount of time it takes for the North Star 360° viewing pod to rise above and return to the ship.


Thanks to online check in and the Royal iQ smartphone app; ten minutes is all it takes to get on board the ship from the port.


The number of remaining finalists following a unique competition to become the Godmother of Anthem of the Seas. Travel agent, Emma Wilby was the eventual winner.


The number of on board swimming pools (Two outdoor and two indoor).


Anthem of the Seas is only the second of three Quantum Class ships. She will join Quantum of the Seas and, as of 2016, Ovation of the Seas.


Robotic arms swing into action in the Bionic Bar to make a wide range of cocktails, or you can even create your own. Order your drink via a tablet device and the two arms rapidly swing and shake to make a a total of 120 drinks per hour.


Gigi the giraffe sits on deck 15. Complete with a stylish swimsuit, this four tonne giraffe is sure to put a smile on the face of all guests on board.

No matter how many words or numbers we use, though, the only real way to experience everything Royal Caribbean’s mesmerising new ship has to offer is to experience it for yourself. Anthem of the Seas will spend the summer season of 2015 sailing from Southampton. Now is the perfect time to experience skydiving, bumper cars and surfing (with the FlowRider surf simulator) on board a cruise ship. 

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