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The Future of Green Cruising

With forever larger cruise ships being built and the industry growing more and more popular; there remains a large group of people who remain more reluctant to cruise than anybody else. Unfortunately, our methods of holiday travel are having an adverse effect on the environment and climate. Some environmentalists, who may or may not be keen to travel the world, are refraining from embarking on a cruise. However, that may be about to change following an exciting development at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris earlier this month.

A Japanese NGO known as ‘Peace Boat’ has developed plans for an ‘Ecoship’ which is expected to launch in 2020. The idea for this 55,000-ton ship was devised by more than 30 engineers and experts and is set to revolutionise the industry. Cruise Franchise takes a closer look at the future of environmentally friendly cruising.


Perhaps the most striking feature of the unique Ecoship is the ten retractable sails, which stand tall above the ship. Each sail holds a solar panel, which will be one of the primary sources of energy on board. Renewable energy will be used wherever possible, whilst Liquid Natural Gas will be applied as a backup source.

Whilst energy is being absorbed from above the top deck, the ship’s aerodynamic hull will ensure greater fuel efficiency. It has been inspired by the shape of a whale, resulting in completely different appearance to any cruise ship currently in operation.

The Ecoship will even have its own climate, with an onboard garden featuring plants from around the world which are fed by rainwater and organic waste. A closed loop water system will ensure all wastewater will be reused for purposes such as heating and air conditioning. All in all, the Ecoship will emit 40% less CO2 emissions than cruise ships currently in operation and no onboard waste will be pumped into the sea.

Industry Stance

Talking to the Telegraph, a spokesperson from CLIA stated: "Being environmentally conscious and proactive is not just a need for the industry; it’s a deep desire that is fundamental to how we do business."

“From the most stringent wastewater treatment policies in the global maritime community to continuous reductions in air emissions, CLIA members work with regulators and various industry stakeholders to deliver on their commitment to the environment.”

Strides are being made with regards to protecting the environment in the world of cruising, with Costa Cruises having announced plans to build the most eco-friendly ships in the industry before the turn of the decade. Similar to the Ecoship, these two vessels will rely on Liquid Natural Gas, which will result in much lower emissions than a combination of gas and diesel.

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