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Travel Insurance Statistics

Following our post about the importance of ABTA and ATOL protection when travelling abroad; we've looked into what could happen if travellers take the risk and travel without any form of travel insurance. In many cases the results can be catastrophic; with thousands being paid out to treat injured or ill travellers whilst abroad.

The ABI (Association of British Insurers) report that travel insurers, on average, paid out £1.3million in claims and paid over half a million pounds in medical expenses each day in 2013.

These statistics speak volumes for any traveller considering exploring the world without travel insurance. Travellers who book their holiday cruises with GoCruise will need to ensure that they have the right protection in the place and these graphs and statistics will help you to convince customers of the importance of travel insurance. 


Top Holiday Destinations 2014

This graph labels the top worldwide holiday destinations for British travellers in 2012; with Spain being by far the most popular. All of the nations on the graph above are also particularly popular cruise destinations - particularly those in the Mediterranean region.

It is all too easy for travellers to take the risk and travel without any kind of insurance; but even on a cruise, this level of protection is deemed a requirement in the contemporary world of travel. 

4.5 million travellers went on a holiday cruise in 2012 and sea ports are often targeted by criminals ready to take advantage of unsuspecting passengers. Additionally, many passengers may be excited to try some of the local cuisine and street foods in selected countries. Whilst this does open the door to a range of possibilities, it also opens the door to illness and injury. 

If these risks are ignored; travellers risk a hefty bill or, even worse, some countries will refuse to provide healthcare if there is no insurance in place.

Startling Statistics 

A shocking number of travellers are still opting to travel abroad without any kind of insurance and are taking a significant risk. 24% of all travellers venturing abroad were uninsured; and this figure is doubled to 48% with regard to the number of people in the 15-24 bracket who travelled uninsured. 

16% of travellers abroad believe that travel insurance, such as plans provided by ABTA and ATOL, is unnecessary - believing that the UK government will fund any treatment and/or hospitalisation. Additionally, only 12% of people who do invest in their assurance actually bother to read the documents and have any real understanding of the protection in place. 

48% of travellers do not realise that they would be liable to pay for their own medical bills abroad without travel insurance. Being in possession of an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) may help you to obtain healthcare within the European Union. However, this will only cover necessary care and will not cover repatriation to the UK in the need of an emergency. 17% of travellers wrongly assume that they don't need insurance because they believe an EHIC will protect them and 26% believe an EHIC will pay for repatriation. 

Holidays today feature more and more in the way of exciting and exhilarating excursions ranging from snorkelling and scuba diving to bungee jumping and mountain trekking. Whilst these experiences can make a holiday unforgettable - in rare circumstances, it can also make a holiday unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. 

Cost of Healthcare Abroad

To hit home the real cost of medical care abroad; it would cost £15,000 for hospitalisation in Spain and return flights and treatment in Spain in the event of a fall resulting in a broken hip. Treatment of something as minor as a stomach bug in a California hospital with returns could cost as much as £100,000

Cost of Care

Travel insurance costs are considerably lower than you may think, especially when considering the cost of medical care if such a policy is not in place. For a single trip to Spain; insurance will cost a mere £5-£10 and will help the traveller to avoid hefty costs if the worst does happen.

A quick search online will bring up a list of travel insurance providers and a quote can be tailor made to suit the individual needs based on the kind of holiday and the destinations chosen to visit.

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