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What Makes a Successful Cruise Franchisee?

There are many natural worries and doubts surrounding business investment and becoming a franchisee

Making decisions can be daunting and no one wants to invest without having done prior research and coming to a calculated decision.

One in eight overseas package holidays booked from the UK is now a cruise - with more than 50% of people opting to book more than one cruise per year. 

With a GoCruise investment, all the necessary training and support would be provided - building you up to being able to run a successful franchise, whilst providing continuous support whenever you require it.

However, there are additional hints and tips to becoming a successful franchisee, as well as certain factors to avoid in the pursuit of profitability.

Be Passionate

If you love travel and you love cruises then you'll feel perfectly at home as a GoCruise franchisee. This is the perfect base on which to build a successful business. 

It goes without saying, being passionate will be a huge advantage and will allow your work to feel less like a career and more like a hobby.

If a particular field or niche of travelling is appealing to you then you can centralise your business around this and demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm towards your customers. 


GoCruise offers an extensive, one-to-one, three-day training programme based at Ipswich headquarters where you will be able to learn about all aspects of your business including sales and marketing, e-commerce and I.T software, cruise line product knowledge and systems, administration and internal procedures. 

Along with extensive training, GoCruise also provides administration, personalised stationery, marketing support and a personalised affiliate website as well as training on email mailing systems.

In addition, whilst GoCruise provides the freedom and flexibility to run a business your way; continuous support is always available should you require it and our friendly team will be more than happy to help; ensuring you are never left totally on your own.  

Attend Ship Visits

The more you know about your product; the more knowledge and expertise you'll be able to pass on to your customers.

Ship visits are free for all GoCruise franchisees when a ship is docked locally. It will help to have seen the product you are selling first-hand before trying to sell it to other people. 

There are also webinars, continuous online training and support, head office training and two head office conferences per year to help with your ongoing business development. 

Do your Research

In addition to all of the facilities and resources provided by GoCruise, it helps to gather your own research and ideas in the field of cruises.

The more you know, the more your business grows and with a love for travel - there should be a hunger to learn and be more knowledgeable than your competitors.

Following travel websites and reading magazines will provide a flavour for what people expect from a holiday, but also speaking to people directly about their personal experiences will allow you to capitalise on others mistakes. 

Working from Home

The idea of being able to work from home may sound like a luxury, but it's important to balance your work life with your family and social life.

All work and no play will result in a lower rate of productivity and it can be very easy to get sucked into working non-stop, with limited breaks. 

Remain passionate, busy and knowledgeable but be sensible. Working 9 am - 5 pm, stretching your legs between conference calls and busier periods; with an hour or so in the later evening to respond to calls and emails. 


Knowing your audience and knowing how to market your product are essential factors in building a successful business. 

Whether it be luxury cruises, river cruises, ocean cruises or even a niche cruise, it is important to engage with your audience as much as possible;

Setting up social media sites and maintaining a regular email marketing campaign can keep your customers in the loop with all the latest news and offers which may appeal to them most. 

There is also the chance for increased revenue by selling extras which relate to the cruises you are selling such as excursions, hotels, land tours, travel insurance and rental cars and much more.

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